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"Day 1,893. 3 days before my escape, and their extinction. My 1,893 days of being enclosed in this prison has been torturous. Sitting in my own vomit and waste, as well as other specie's, I've found to be not fun. The filth has piled up to the point where my escape fantasies are on their way to become real. As well as their death. The people who have imprisoned me are, unfortunately, my own species. And odd species we are, looking down on those who are only slightly out of order when all of us are, mostly the leaders of my people. Being locked up in a tight space with only bites to eat every week, and still able to vomit up anything that remains in my squidly-spooch caused me to think. To wonder even, about the ways of my own kind and how to plan out my escape. My cell is nothing close to well built, so it's going to be rather fairly easy. But I sadly have to find my ways through twisting halls of this well-guarded prison and figure a way out, all the while crossing pungent smells of blood and other fowl wastes that come from any male held in this prison. After 1,893 days of entering voice entries of my days in this pungent cell, this will be my last. I wish myself good luck on my escape."
I once had a dream about Invader Zim. It's very rare to have dreams about something specific that I actually like and enjoy in real life, but I have Invader Zim dreams more frequently than any other fandom I used to be or still into. This wasn't in my dream, but I decided to put what Zim would do if he made an entry log every night in prison.
Thats right, I dreamt of Zim imprisoned in a cell filled with vomit and feces, and he escaped and ended up somehow in London. :B

Anyways, I really haven't done a rant in a while and I have a couple of rants up in my mind that includes Zim that probably won't end up in my gallery <3
I'll make a poll to ask If I should write those rants o3o
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January 19, 2012
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