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October 2, 2011
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Zim was walking up a hill to find Dib standing under the exact tree he told him to meet him at. Zim smiled and licked his lips and slowly stepped in the perfect cut grass, trying not to making any noise with his boots. Once Zim was only a couple of feet away from dib, now to his hands and knees in a crawl, he pounced, tackling Dib from the waist.

Dib screeched and fell over face first into the grass. Zim smiled and nuzzled Dib under the chin,"Hey precious, You told me to meet you here?" Dib turned and leaned up on his elbows, looking at the sky. It was spinning. The stars and moon blurred, as well as the little light that was left in the evening sky. Dib shook his head, his cowlick swishing back and fourth, and put on his glasses.

Dib look Zim in the eyes and got up nodding, reaching out a hand to help Zim up," Yes, I need to tell you something." Zim could feel the urgency in his voice as well as his gaze. Zim's rare happy mood completely vanished and turned into another rare concerned mood. Zim tilted his head, his black tuft of hair flicking in the wind and flopping slightly to the side as Zim moved his head.

Dib scratched the back of his head and let out a sigh before leaning against the tree slowly. Dib took a box of cigarettes and began to smoke one, quickly taking out a lighter and lighting it. Dib put away the lighter and sighed taking a huff. "You know Zim I don't think this thing is gonna work out between us and-"

Zim wasn't listening. Instead he was staring dully at the cigarette and Dib's pocket. Zim only moved his head when Dib move his gigantic head as well. Zim saw his opportunity and smack Dib in the back of his head hard, causing Dib to yelp loudly and to spit his smoke out. Zim moved in front of Dib and pushed and pinned him against the tree, stomping the cigarette out before it started a fire.

Dib opened his eyes wide and slightly angry, opening his mouth about to protest when zim only just stood on his tip toes and kissed Dib long and hard, sliding his snake-like tongue to wrestle with Dib's. Once Dib stopped squirming, Zim ran his fingers down Dib's body and into his pocket, taking out the pack and the lighter. Zim turned away from Dib quickly breaking the kiss to sling his arm back and only to grunt and through the pack and lighter hard into a nearby pond.

Zim turned around and dusted himself off and gazing at Dib from the corner of his eye, lifting an eyebrow. Dib whined in protest from breaking the kiss and from the back of his head, rubbing it slowly whimpering from the pain, and also from the loss of his smokes,"Bu-" Zim interrupted,"Dumb ass, smoking can kill you. I don't want you to die fucking early. . . Yet." Zim smirked and then nodded and realized what Dib had said before he did his little action.

Zim glared darkly and slapped Dib hard, then grabbed his hand and marched down the hill contently, chin raised with pride,"Dib your NOT breaking up with me, or else feel the wrath of ZIIIMM" Dib nodded and rubbed his cheek slowly, whimpering, only to tighten his grip of Zim's hand. "Yes sir, and I promise I won't smoke again." Zim smiled, satisfied, and nodded letting out a triumphed hmph.
So don't smoke kids ;)

something that popped into my mind quickly, and before it left i just decided to write it down into a little short.

Heavily Inspired By:
By: :iconliermagician:
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I-Luv-Emoboys Nov 30, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Hehe, this made my day :aww:
LeRainbowTurtle Dec 12, 2011  Student Photographer
Heh, thanks! ^^;

Random: I'm a fan of your writing. . . >.>
4naruto-girl Oct 5, 2011   Traditional Artist
haha ahhh I like it, made my day.=D
aww lol I love it :heart:
zombiechihuahuas13 Oct 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I Love it! :meow:
zombiechihuahuas13 Oct 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
i love it! :meow:
I like this. Smoking is bad
LeRainbowTurtle Oct 3, 2011  Student Photographer
of course im too very young to smoke and if my parents catch me they won't hesitate to beat my ass ;)

i dont think ill ever do it though. . . i could only imagine that if i was addicted to something that is 'bad' it would be more alchol than smoking or drugs.
kk12x Oct 2, 2011  Student
awwwwe how cuute awesome job
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