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This deviation was deleted

This was, I am glad to say, a very realistic piece.
Not the storyline but how teenagers and people in general are. Many teenagers are self harmers for one good reason: attention. I know someone like this, and I know him very well. He was diagnosed with depression because, well, he wasn't the best played when he was younger. Or wasn't very popular. Time has way passed beyond that and, though he wasn't a cutter, he threatened and attempted suicide and being a VERY close friend of mine it caused me to do something I regret.

I, in fact, know quite a few teenagers who bitch and whine and moan and threaten suicide to get what they want and to scare their friends and for people to give them pity. It's idiotic how these kids have it all, when people don't and when people tell them to shut the fuck up they bitch and whine and moan harder.

This showed reality. The cold hard truth.
And I don't regret for thinking, when Jeremy died, "Serves him right."

A different kind of humor, i scoffed rather than laughed, but enjoyed.
Lovely piece.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
8 out of 12 deviants thought this was fair.


purplemysteryflame Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013
I agree but you must understand that some people need help and don't care about your sympathy but just need help. I had this problem and I didn't care if my friend felt bad for me or not I just needed the help and noone helped me so I poured my angry and sadness out and soon my parnets found oput and my friend was the only person who stood up and saved me I don't care about pity or sympATHY i just wanted help but anyway I am better
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